We’ve officially launched!

On November 25th a group of great people gathered in a cafe in East London to participate in our first networking event. This event was also our official launch! We look back at a successful and inspiring event, an evening to connect, share experiences and listen. We’re grateful for all the wonderful people who came out, both in person and online, and ranging from artist and producers to humanitarian workers and academics.

The evening kicked off with welcome drinks and a short introduction of our collective by Ahmed Masoud – followed by a couple of presentations.
Chris Rose (Amos Trust) told us about the project On Location, which supports and celebrates the power, resilience and vibrancy of the artistic community living and working under siege in Gaza today. After this, Faris Ishaq told us about his road as an artist, after which he shared some of his music, playing the nay as lead instrument. Roua Naboulsi from London Palestine Film Festival then shared the inspiring, decade-long development of the festival to what it is today.

All presentations stimulated lively conversation, which resulted in a dynamic second part of the evening. Everyone introduced themselves and the group shared ideas and questions about our collective. Stay tuned for more!

Our special thanks to Finch Cafe for generously hosting this evening.