Meet the team

Ahmed Masoud is the author of the acclaimed novel Vanished – The Mysterious Disappearance of Mustafa Ouda. Ahmed is a writer and director who grew up in Palestine and moved to the UK in 2002. Last year he worked with Maxine Peake on Obliterated, a theatrical experiment and artistic protest. You can learn about it here.
Ahmed’s theatre credits include Application 39 (WDR Radio, Germany 2018), Camouflage (London 2017), The Shroud Maker (London 2015-2019), Walaa, Loyalty (London 2014, funded by Arts Council England), Go to Gaza, Drink the Sea (London and Edinburgh 2009) and Escape from Gaza (BBC Radio 4, 2011). Ahmed is also the founder of Al Zaytouna Dance Theatre. For more information, please visit

Simone Khoury is a British Lebanese Londoner, working in development for Film and TV in the UK & US. Simone is human rights campaigner and a long time activist for the Palestinian cause.

Nora Parr is an academic working on Palestinian Literature, associated with PalREAD at the Freie Universität Berlin and the Rights for Time Network at the University of Birmingham – working between London and Berlin, COVID permitting. She is an occasional translator, and though her publishing networks are mostly academic, she can make introductions with some publishers/professional translators in the UK. Nora is Co-Editor of Middle Eastern Literatures (academic), and has also acted as editor and advisor on a dozen or so projects centering on Palestinian/Arabic/Middle Eastern literature and culture, trade and commercial as well as academic. She is a frequent events host/organizer, depending on institutional access/networks. Also, via her lovely partner, she is able to host some small events/readings/launches at restaurant space in East London.

Giulia Basana is an Italian-born freelance journalist and video producer specialising in social impact. Giulia has coordinated a number of different projects on the video production side, including the Innovative Private Sector Development (IPSD) in partnership with the World Bank to support Palestinian startups and SMEs. Giulia has written for several national and international publications, including Reuters, PA and the World Economic Forum, promoting media freedom and human rights through a number of multimedia projects.

Kat Khoury is an experienced fundraiser and campaigner for NGO’s in the humanitarian and human rights sector, having worked for several INGO’s directly in Palestine and supported Palestinian refugees within the region. Kat also co-founded a theatre and filmmakers co-operative in London, and is a passionate activist and ally for Palestine.

Roua Naboulsi is an Arabic cultural events coordinator and human rights campaigner from Tripoli, Lebanon. Throughout the years her work has varied from the coordination of the London Palestine Film Festival, to the production of West End musicals, to the promotion of Arabic music across the UK, and much more. She has been a dedicated activist for Palestinian rights since moving the UK almost a decade ago after spending her formative years in Budapest, Hungary.